Jackass Jackie Chan who’s made millions in America thinks US is ‘most corrupt’ country in the world

democrat-logoAnother worthless foreigner who has made millions of dollars from the people dumb enough to see his movies is dissing America. Jackass Jackie Chan calls America ‘the most corrupt country in the world.’ If this is the case why does this asswipe make money for himself in this country if it’s so damn corrupt? Of course, under the Obama regime, Jackass Chan will probably be applauded and invited to the White House to be honored or something.

“When you talk about corruption — the whole world, is there corruption in the United States? The most corrupt in the world!” the Rush Hour star, who has made headlines recently for his controversial views, told Phoenix TV last month.

Hey Jackass! Return all those millions of dollars you’ve made in the most corrupt country in the world. You wouldn’t want dirty money would you?

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