Oklahoma woman Pam Loman scares away three would be robbers with gun

barrelofgunGuns are bad for defending yourself, mmkay? In Oklahoma, a woman by the name of Pam Loman scared away three would be robbers of her home when she went for her gun and scared them away. One of the would robbers knocked on the front door, while the other two scumbags waited in a car. When Pam Loman didn’t answer the door, the would be robber started banging on the door. she did not answer the man resorted to banging on the door. Pam Loman got scared and went for her gun.

“So my instinct was to go get a gun. I don’t know why, I never in my life felt like I needed to go get a gun,” said Mrs. Loman.
She had both hands on her .32-caliber pistol when the man knocked down her door.
“And just all of a sudden, with one kick, he knock the door completely in. The frame came flying down. Things came flying everywhere,” she said. “And he saw that I had the gun, and he grabbed the door handle and pulled the door shut.”

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