Communist New York Democrat Chuck Schumer instructing gun retailers to stop sales while Congress ‘debates’

schmuck-charles-schumerYea, I’m calling New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer a Communist. Sound a little dramatic? Tough, he is a Communist as far as I’m concerned. Now little Chucky is instructing gun retailers to stop selling guns while Congress ‘debates’ gun control. Someone out to ask Chucky about his ties to Bernie Madoff.

I wonder how many companies will buckle under Schumer’s Godfather like request? New York = California with worse weather.

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  • amazingoly

    Gun dealers and WalMart should tell him where to go.

  • Elizabeth Daugherty

    There is no way gun dealers will arbitrarily stop selling. Because Obama is going after guns, gun sales have skyrocketed. He’s done more for the Gun Economy than he’s ever done for the GDP!!

  • Jack

    Schumer and his communist were the masterminds behind the school shootings. MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES AND OUTSIDE SHOOTERS.

    Motive—gun confiscation.

    Schumer, Feinsten all have carry gun permits and they also are giving assault rifles to Israel teachers in Israel to protect them from Muslims extremest.

  • Jack

    The Attorney’s for the Batman killer in Denver, another MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE are proving that their client was in the manchurian mind control project . I believe the headquarters for this program is in West Virginia..
    Police Officers in that massacre stated that they were ordered to STAND DOWN and not go in to rescue the children for over five hours and it came from a Federal order. If they had gotten in thee , they could have saved most of the lives.

    • d stacy sims

      Something stinks and we all smell it.

  • cheongyei

    These idiots swear to defend the Constitution, then they work their butts off to destroy it.

  • d stacy sims

    Screw him…he knows everybody is headed to the gun shop . They are not dumb.

  • colt45

    He is a flag waving communist and must be stopped. Kudos on your site!