Rahmville Chicago with toughest gun laws in country – 22 murders in just 11 days including two teens – national media silent (Video)

chicago_sucksSo umm anti-gun nuts, how are those Chicago anti-gun laws working out for you? 22 murders in just 11 days in Chicago so far in 2013. At this pace, Chicago will top last year’s record of murders with 730 for 2013. Looks like liberal land in Chicago lead by Rahm Emanuel, leftist Democrats, and by extension Obama, is really off to a great start. the moral of the story to all you anti-gun nuts is that no matter how strict you try and make gun laws, and no matter how much you try to limit American’s Second Amendment rights, criminals with intentions of killing other people will manage to find the weapons they need to achieve their goals. What part of that fact is so hard to understand? Of course, if you are defenseless and don’t have a gun to protect yourself, you could always wait (and pray) that the Chicago Police Department shows up quickly enough before something happens to you right?

While this got a little air time on Chicago local news, the national media has ignored this as usual.

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