Anti Second Amendment zealots release video game where you can shoot NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre in the face as he sprays blood all over (Bullet to the Head of the NRA)

barrelofgunSo wait a second. It’s bad that lawful gun owners actually have the right to own guns. Some have blamed the violence in video games such as Call to Duty for the recent mass shootings. Yet, some left wing scum releases a video game called ‘target the NRA’ where you have crosshairs over NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre and get to shoot him and spew blood all over the place. I thought leftists were trying to do away with this mentality? Oh that’s right, as is typical for leftists, if it fits the narrative, this is considered ‘cool.’ The game is called ‘Bullet to the Head of the NRA.’

Countdown to the corrupt media outrage in 3…2….1….. oh never mind.

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