Like Hitler, Obama to use kids as propaganda before announcing gun-control proposals tomorrow

imagesSo tomorrow is the day that Obama might enhance his dictator resume and use executive orders to limit your Second Amendment rights. There are as many as 19 executive orders that Obama reportedly is considering. Just like a good dictator, Obama will be surrounded by kids tomorrow in yet another pathetic propaganda showing to ‘Forward’ is Marxist agenda. Hitler, Mao and Stalin would be really proud. Obama has hijacked the corrupt media, and uses kids as propaganda.

In addition to the 19 executive orders, Obama is expected to unveil an assault weapons ban, universal background checks and limits on the number of bullets magazines can hold.

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  • amazingoly

    No shame unturned in his dictatorship. Voters are now 0 for 2 in voting for leadership.

  • Histproff

    The only law Hitler and the Nazis ever passed concerning guns was in 1938 and it lifted gun restrictions which had been imposed at the end of WWI by the victorious allies, and and that had been further increased in 1928, five years before the Nazis came to power! Hitler eased gun control restrictions and lowered the age that you could possess a firearm. The Nazis did not take the guns away! Lies often repeated are still lies.

    • Texas Belle

      Maybe it was just the Jews who were not allowed to have guns??

  • Freddy Flatfish

    Destroy everything that was once an American culture or custom. Also show no regard for the constitution.

  • Not a Liar

    Histproff – you are intellectually dishonest as are most gun-control nuts. History and facts never penetrate your thick headed ideals. Anyone else who cares to read and ignore you BS will find it to be such. Unfortunately your kind prey on the ill-informed and weak minded to further your cause. Gun control was heavily imposed on the Jews by Hitler. They were shot dead on the spot if they possessed a firearm and 6 million were killed. Simple as that you liar!!!