7 Americans taken hostage by radical Muslims in Algeria – Obama no where to be found after using kids as propaganda

ksmjk0Three Americans have been taken hostage by radical Muslims in Algeria. According to The Blaze, Islamist militants seized a natural gas field partly owned by BP taking 7 Americans as hostages. The radical Muslim group was an Al Qaeda affiliated group. You remember Al Qaeda don’t you? Obama recently claimed that he alone decapitated Al Qaeda, and that they have ‘been on the run’ since his reign of terror began. Yea, looks like they ran to Algeria to take Americans hostage. This is Obama’s second Benghazi.

The Katibat Moulathamine, or “Masked Brigade,” has claimed credit for the attack through one of its subsidiaries, a group dramatically dubbed “Those Who Signed in Blood.” It said the onslaught was retribution for Algeria’s support of France’s recent and ongoing operation against Al Qaeda-linked Malian insurgents.

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