The 1938 German Weapons Act – Hitler used kids as propaganda and banned all Jews from owning firearms

obama_hitler_stalinIn 1938, Hitler banned all Jews in Germany from owning, manufacturing or dealing with any firearms or ammo with the 1938 German Weapons Act. Hitler’s excuse at the time was much like Obama’s today, children. Hitler, like Obama also used children to push his gun control and 1938 German Weapons Act. See if Hitler’s words from Mein Kampf sound anything like Obama does today:


I can’t really lay this all on Obama though, aside from using kids for props. Leftists have been using this shtick for years (except during the Ford Hood shooting when a Muslim killed a bunch of people.) If you heard any of Andrew Cuomo’s speech on the so called ‘SAFE ACT’ you wouldn’t know if you were in the United States in the 21st century or Nazi Germany. The only thing Cuomo needed was kids for props.

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