The 1938 German Weapons Act – Hitler used kids as propaganda and banned all Jews from owning firearms

obama_hitler_stalinIn 1938, Hitler banned all Jews in Germany from owning, manufacturing or dealing with any firearms or ammo with the 1938 German Weapons Act. Hitler’s excuse at the time was much like Obama’s today, children. Hitler, like Obama also used children to push his gun control and 1938 German Weapons Act. See if Hitler’s words from Mein Kampf sound anything like Obama does today:


I can’t really lay this all on Obama though, aside from using kids for props. Leftists have been using this shtick for years (except during the Ford Hood shooting when a Muslim killed a bunch of people.) If you heard any of Andrew Cuomo’s speech on the so called ‘SAFE ACT’ you wouldn’t know if you were in the United States in the 21st century or Nazi Germany. The only thing Cuomo needed was kids for props.

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  • You are a fucking IDIOT!


  • Courtney

    Read the 1938 German Weapons Act before you go off thinking you know what it was about. It actually made it much easier to buy and own guns. It lengthened the amount of time your permit was good for by 2 years and reduced the age requirement my 2 years also, from 20 to 18!

    • Courtney

      *by 2 years

      • Josh

        also stopped jews from manufacturing buying, or possessing them…apparenty you need to do more reading too.

    • MadMagyar

      According to a friend of mine who actually grew up in Nazi Germany (and doesn’t just read about it online), the PRACTICAL application of the gun ban eventually extended to mean anybody who Hitler didn’t like, especially if you weren’t a member of the Nazi Party. My friend’s father was just a regular guy – his family worked as machinists at the Messerschmidt plant – but he couldn’t legally own a firearm just because he wasn’t a Party member. So for the duration of the war he hid his hunting rifle in a hollow tree stump deep in the forest, just so he could put meat on the table once in a while.

      Same thing will probably happen here. The big zero’s jew world order banking family masters will have him ban guns outright, eventually, and only trusted party members (and military and leos) will be allowed to have them. Then the Zionists will have their victims helpless, as they always do just before sacrificing them to Moloch.

  • John W.

    The law banning ownership of guns by Jews was enacted in 1935-and also forbade them from possessing anything which could be used as a weapon-such as a knife, club, bat, etc. The Weapons Law of March 1938 was a comprehensive law dealing exclusively with firearms; it was the first known use of the “sporting uses” test for guns; forbade ownership of handguns to all but trusted party members, police, military, etc., and forbade ownership of long guns to anyone who couldn’t prove Aryan ancestry going back (I believe) to 1750. Many parts of this law-most notably the “sporting uses” test- which was researched by attorney Thomas Dodd during his service as a legal researcher at the Nuremburg war crimes trial, were incorporated by him into his Gun Control Act of 1968 when he had become a U.S. Senator. The requests by Dodd to the Library of Congress for copies of the German law and translations are documented in the book “Gun Control-Gateway to Tyranny,” published by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (J.P.F.O.) back in the early 1990’s. I should add that the book has a) a copy of the 1928 Registration Law enacted by the Weimar government, along with its translation, b) pertinent parts of the Weapons Law of 1938 in German, followed by its translation on the left page along with the pertinent parts of our 1968 law on the right page. I don’t recommend reading this before bedtime….

  • John W.

    We need to be careful about citing “quotes” such as the one above allegedly from “Mein Kampf.” According to an article in Wikiquotes (which I found by googling “mein kampf, on children,” there is no evidence that the quote as reproduced here was ever in the book. Evidently the first part of the quote, ending with “…the most precious treasure of the people.” is true; the rest appears to have been made up. This kind of thing doesn’t help us make our case; while the internet helps us get the truth out, it also helps people to debunk “quotes” like this. Let’s do our homework, people, before we post.

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  • Damaged Goods

    The 1938 German Weapons Act was just an extension of parts in the 1919 Treaty or Versailles. It was the allies during WW 1 that imposed this act. So in a way the allies had a hand at creating the World War 2 Germany.