Second home broken into with guns stolen thanks to Journal News ‘gun map’ in New York

barrelofgunThe leftist scum at Journal News should really be proud of themselves. Now a second home has been broken into, and guns were stolen out of the home thanks to the Journal News ‘gun map.’ For leftists who can’t quite grasp the problem here, it’s that LEGAL gun owners no longer have their guns while criminals now do. Looks like the so called ‘SAFE ACT” really prevented another problem (NOT!)

Critics who have continuously alleged that the Journal News’ interactive map that includes gun owners’ personal information will lead to crime may begin uttering some “I told you sos” (albiet, a bit prematurely). Two pistols and related permits were stolen from a home in New City, N.Y. The owner of the firearms was listed on the newspaper’s controversial map — leading some to wonder if the criminal act and the publication are connected.

Newsday reports that thieves entered the home on Wednesday evening. Once inside, they “ransacked the house” and broke into two safes, stealing a third. The guns were apparently in this latter unit that was taken out of the home by the criminals.

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