Benghazi 2.0 – All American hostages dead in Algeria – Blood on Obama and Hillary Clinton’s hands again

1d22353733851d85a60ec79345f757e92013’s Benghazi has come again, and yet again Americans are dead and the clueless Obama regime did nothing about it. All remaining hostages were executed today by Muslim terrorists, which included at least two Americans. And like Benghazi, Obama/Hillary Clinton had a drone overhead ‘monitoring’ the situation but did absolutely nothing to save American lives. While the media continues to ignore Benghazi 2.0, we are instead inundated with crap like Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o. Yet again, Obama and Hillary Clinton have blood on their hands. But no one seemed to care during Benghazi, so I doubt anyone will care or there will be any outrage now.

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  • No Way

    F*cking trators!

  • mountaindaisy

    There were 30+ survivors of Benghazi. Where are they? Who are they? Are they even still alive? Why are they not speaking out? Have their families-young children- been threatened. WHERE IS THE MEDIA?? If Barack Hussein Obama controls the media andwhat ISN’T BEING REPORTED, imo much more troubling than raising taxes. “The GREATEST propaganda machine in the history of man: The US mainstream media”