Frederick Buttaccio of Texas dead from Muslim terrorist hostage crisis in Algeria – two other Americans unaccounted for

hillary7One dead American has been identified from the Muslim terrorist hostage crisis in Algeria. His name was Frederick Buttaccio and he was from Texas. There are two other American unaccounted for. The media doesn’t seem to care about the death of  Frederick Buttaccio or the whereabouts of the other two Americans, as they are busy preparing their diapers for Obama’s inauguration. I think I saw Frederick Buttaccio’s name mentioned for about 10 seconds on my local news. This is basically Benghazi 2.0. Obama and Hillary Clinton had a drone over the complex where the Al Qaeda terrorists were holding the hostages, and like in Benghaz, did absolutely nothing!

Looks like Obama and Hillary Clinton struck out in here last attempt to try and trade American hostages for the Blind Sheikh. Now a good batting average.

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