Adam Lanza only had handguns, no AR-15 or rifles used in Newtown shooting like media and Democrats still claim (Video)

barrelofgunWell well well. All this BS about banning ‘assault weapons’ or rifles ‘for the children’ because of Adam Lanza is nothing but a bunch of bull crap? Who would have thunk it. Originally the corrupt state run lapdog media reported that ‘the primary weapon’ used Adam Lanza during the Newtown Sandy Hook school shooting was a Bushmaster AR-15 with ‘multiple magazines.’ BS! Lanza used handguns, not rifles during the shooting. Of course it’s probably hard to hear about any of this from the media even though while NBC reported on this for a few seconds last month, you probably would have never known these as sleazy Democrats continue to use this tragedy for their gun control push. Even with this, Democrats (and other media) are still claiming to this day that Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster AR-15 during the shooting. Never, do you hear he used handguns. Makes Piers Morgan look like an even bigger dumb-ass than originally thought. Of course that isn’t hard to do. So what happens next? Democrats try to ban handguns?

As far as those Sandy Hook conspiracy theories or ‘truthers’ go, I’m not even going to get into that.

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  • Tjexcite

    Not using the AR-15 is going right into the Turther nuts area. This Report was from the Saturday of the shooting and at the same time they got the name wrong. The cops said that a AR-15 was recovered beside the body and a shotgun in the trunk of the car. They have to be in the conspiracy to lie about that.

    • todayjunior

      Yet we have video of a rifle in the back of the car and not 1 shred of evidence that an ar-15 was next to the body of the shooter. Lets stick with facts here and not hearsay.

  • Tjexcite

    The primary weapon used in the attack was a “Bushmaster AR-15 assault-type weapon,” said Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance.

  • Roger W Hancock

    Banning all weapons is the goal of them Dem. Liberals.
    Some witnesses said there were others involved as well, yet we hear of only Adam Lanza.

  • bricko

    HE did use the Bushmaster, says the Police at the scene.

    • toothandnail2w

      IT was all over a video protest… says the President !!! LIARS

  • ag

    This video is old. It was originally aired on December15th. The details have changed because of the investigation. Don’t believe everything you see or hear and the most recent or most reliable information. I am against banning the AR-15, but saying that this video is new news or a new admission by the MSM is not correct.

  • Guest

    We have some very corrupt politicians in the WH…Obama being at the top of the list..

  • one-eyed

    Speaking of BS, the article is now proven to be total fabrication, AR-!% was used..LMFAO!!

  • DestPats342

    Because the Obama Admin would never tell a lie to further its own agenda??? PLEASE, you think we are all stupid. The stated number of rounds fired and the number of magazines they found DON’T ADD UP. Do the math people. IT IS A LIE, as are all the other Obama scandals surrounded by LIES. That is what these criminals do. Pray that is all it is. Other scenarios could paint a much more evil picture of murder.