Desperate for ratings – snotty Brit Piers Morgan declares the only civilians who need an AR-15 assault rifles want to commit mass murder

piers-morgan-limeyHey Piers Morgan, when you say that the only people who need AR-15 ‘assault riffles’ are those who want to commit mass murder, do you mean like Adam Lanza? You know the nut job who used handguns to commit mass murder at Sandy Hook? Does that mean that Piers Morgan thinks that those who want hand guns only want to commit mass murder too? Enough with this Brit already. If the Brits wouldn’t take him back, can’t we just ship him to Pakistan or something since England is overrun with Pakistanis? Poor Piers Morgan. Still better that we kicked the British’s asses over 200 years ago.

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  • maximo12

    The only person who needs an AR 15 is the one who caps ur dumb azz