San Francisco 49ers fan pulls out knife in Georgia Dome parking lot – one person stabbed in throat BAN ASSAULT KNIVES NOW!

gavin-newsom-sucksWhen it comes to sports, watching San Francisco teams win is almost as nauseating to me as seeing a Marxist Democrat win in politics. I never could stand San Francisco area teams, so seeing the Giants win the World Series, and the 49ers go to the Super Bowl today is about as cool as seeing Nancy Pelosi get more botox injections or Hussein and Robinette get inaugurated in the public ceremony tomorrow. After the game in the Georgia Dome Parking Lot a fan from San Francisco and a fan from Atlanta got into an argument  ‘Allegedly’ the San Francisco fan pulled out a knife after being punched by the Atlanta fan, and someone ended up in the hospital from a stabbing to the throat.  It is not clear yet who is in the hospital or who did the stabbing. What is clear is that it’s time for knife control! How many more sense stabbings are we going to see before ‘smart’ knife control policies are enacted? Knife control must be done now! FOR THE CHILDREN!

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