Aerial photos of 2009 and 2013 Obama inauguration – only about one third turned out this year compared to last

imagesWhat a change four years make. Low information voters may have put King Hussein Obama back into office last November, but the thrill is gone (at least from the people, not the media.) Check out the differences in crowd sizes from 2009 and 2013 with these aerial photos from Breitbart. This inauguration saw only about 1/3 the crowd size that 2009’s inauguration did.

2009 inauguration:

2013 inauguration:

Just 1,461 more days to go. :P

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  • Shawny Lee

    And it appears thousands of those were bussed in and their travel arrangements paid for in order to get that 1/3 turnout.

    • Jessica

      Pfft. That blog is ridiculous. I’m white as can be and paid all my own travel and accommodations from Milwaukee to DC for the event. Glad I did, too. It was a fantastic trip.

      • Walter Pereira

        You paid for your trip; therefore, it’s a lie others did not? Typipical lib thinking the world revolves around you.

  • jnew

    Yet the 1 million turnout at Obama’s second inauguration was more than Bush’s first (300,000) and second (400,000) COMBINED!!!! But don’t let me burst your bubble, I realize you conservatives need something to feel good about in these difficult times…. Maybe you’ll have a fighting chance to win back the presidency by 2024