Classy! Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at Weeper Boehner as she shovels food down her throat as Barry picks a booger at Presidential Inauguration luncheon (video)

michelle-obama-ugly-bangsThe best thing about the next four years? Classless Michelle Obama can continue to shove food down her throat as she lectures Americans about ‘eating healthy.’ The lunch reportedly today was a whopping 3,000 calories, but that didn’t stop Mooch for shoveling the food in her mouth, and rolling her eyes as Weeper Boehner was joking with Obama. This kind of reminds me of Michelle Obama’s ‘All of this for a damn flag’ moment. Michelle Obama may not be proud of her country, but she sure is proud of it’s food. For an added bonus, Barack Hussein Obama got a good nose pick in at the end of the following video. The Obama family is true class!

Let this be a lesson to all you Americans. NEVER interrupt the first queen during feeding time.

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