Dog whistle – Obama’s talk of collectivism at inauguration speech is synonymous with socialism or specifically Leninism (Video)

obama_hitler_stalinLeftists like using new words to try and spew their propaganda. ‘Investments’ for government spending, ‘gun violence’ for gun control, Republicans who disagree with Obama’s policies are ‘tea party extremists’ etc. But little known is the term of collectivism that Obama spoke of yesterday in his inaugural speech.

Collectivism is synonymous with socialism or specifically Leninism. According to Wikipedia, Collectivism has also been used to refer to totalitarian nationalism, monarchy and communism.

If you want to read about it at Wikipedia, I suggest you do so now before someone scrubs it.

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  • Shawny Lee

    Thank You! This clever rebranding of neo-communism or facism as Progressivism or Democracy is the big collective lie few seem willing to expose even 4 years later with so many known facts pointing like huge RED arrows at the truth. It’s what we need to do though and at the top of our lungs, because no matter how much mustard they put on that turd Americans aren’t going to bite if they know what it is. And no matter which “ism” we’re talking about, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Islamism, Leninism, Maois. collectivism, statism or 60’s radicalism……they are still a network of active subversives intent on destroying this nation. We’re not going to let them do that.

  • JT

    here Shawny you do realise that the USA runs on an ‘ism’ it’s called capitalism and it’s evil and is currently destroying your country