Multiple shots fired at Lone Star College in Houston – suspect reported to be African American male

Multiple shots have been reportedly shot at a Houston area community college called Lone Star College. Details right now are spares, but the so far their are reports that their could be multiple suspects, one suspect is in custody and is reported to be an African American male. No one has died in this shooting which is good, but there are a few injuries. Lone Star College is located in north Houston. Elementary and Jr. High schools in the area were also put in lockdown. Oh, and Lone Star College is also a ‘gun free zone.’ So you can see how well that worked out.

If the early reports turn out to be true that the suspect is a male African American, then the media will just dust this under the rug in a few hours, and ignore it like they do all the shootings in Chicago. Since it doesn’t fit the narrative of using crazy white boys like Loughner, Holmes or Lanza.

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