Hillary Clinton loses it – yells at Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson ‘what difference does it make’ if we lied about the Youtube video?

1d22353733851d85a60ec79345f757e9Looks like Hillary Clinton aka Huma Abedin’s BFF doesn’t like being questioned over he allowing of four Americans to be killed by Muslim terrorist on 9/11/2012. The excuse for 2 weeks was some obscure ‘anti-Islam’ Youtube video, which turned out to be a complete and utter lie. They sent Susan Rice on five Sunday news shows that weekend to blame the video, Clinton told the father of one of the dead Americans that ‘they will get that video maker’ and even ran ads in Pakistan with our tax dollars apologizing for Muslims over the Youtube video. So today when confronted by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson over her and the Obama regime’s lie about the Youtube video, Hillary Clinton lost it, went into a yelling tantrum about ‘what difference does it make?‘ Actually Hillary, it makes a big difference that you and the Obama regime lied! This was at the Senate hearings. The House hears are taking place as I type this.

Oh and BTW, the ‘anti-Islam’ Youtube video maker is still in jail. Careful now Hillary, that ‘head injury’ you supposedly sustained might make you dizzy if you keep yelling like that.

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