Hillary Clinton State Department Blew $80 Million tax payer dollars on Mazar-e Sharif Consulate in northern Afghanistan that will never open

1d22353733851d85a60ec79345f757e9Oh well, it ain’t Hillary Clinton or Obama’s money. It’s just the dumb taxpayers who re-elected this Marxist cult government. Despicable Hillary Clinton who’s campaign slogan for 2016 has now been defined as ‘What difference does it make’ may use it for this bit of news. According to Gateway Pundit, Hillary Clinton’s State Department wasted $80 million of your tax payer dollars on a Consulate in Northern Afghanistan , Mazar-e Sharif. Why is it a waste? Because the consulate will NEVER open.  Yep, America has abandoned it’s plans to open the consulate because the area is too dangerous. The $80 million was already spent though.

This as Democrats in Congress and Hillary blamed ‘lack of funding’ for Benghazi’s deaths.

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