Leftist rag Salon – So what if abortion ends life?

square-large-looneyWell, I guess this is the first step for left wing kooks. Finally admitting that life begins at conception. But the sick thing is, they also finally admit they just don’t give a sh*t. Leftwing rag Salon, has a new story written by someone named Mary Elizabeth Williams entitled: ‘So what if abortion ends life?’ Seriously, Salon actually published this story with this title. Williams also states that ‘I believe that life starts at conception. And it’s never stopped me from being pro-choice.’ Good for you, but you don’t care about ending a life? Then why was there all that faux outrage at the Iraq war by these same leftists? Liberalism is truly a mental disorder and Salon yet again proves it. Joan Walsh should be really ‘proud’ of the crap her ‘magazine’ or whatever Salon is supposed to be. So what kind of sounds like Hillary Clinton’s ‘what difference does it make.’ Leftists are that low.

All I can do these days is just roll my eyes (like Michelle Obama.)

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