More kudos for Rand Paul – California leftist hag Barbara Boxer walked out of Hillary Clinton hearings after ownage

rand-paulI’ve always liked Rand Paul, a lot more than his father. But after today’s destruction of Hillary Clinton, I like him even more. Not only did he destroy Hillary Clinton telling her that had he been president she would have been fired, but Paul even caused California leftist Senator hag Barbara Boxer to walk out ‘to protest’ Rand Paul.

“When I heard him say those words, I walked out of the hearing room and listened to him from behind the stage because I was so infuriated at what that man said,” Boxer told Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s Politics Nation on Wednesday. Boxer sits on the the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which was hosting one of Clinton’s hearings on the Hill. “To suggest that she’s retiring from this post after traveling a million miles and being one of the greatest Secretaries of State because of Benghazi is unbelievable.”

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  • Shawny Lee

    What suggests that Clinton has been one of our greatest Secretaries of State? Was it that she admitted taking her marching orders from the Council on Foreign Relations rather than our elected representatives? Was it negotiating the U.N. Small Arms Treaty compromising U.S. soveriegnty as well as constitutional rights she swore an oath to defend? Was it her support for the overthrow of both the Egyptian and Libyan governments who posed no threat to the U.S.? Was it negotiating with, apologizing for and financing Islamic terrorists who had been and still are considered enemies of this nation? Was it her admitted negligence in Benghazi, the false narrative to divert blame for it, even to the extent of promising greiving families not that she would go after those who murdered their loved ones but after a film maker for which she had falsely placed blame?, or the indignance with which she defensively answered the precious few pressing questions asked regarding the facts surrounding the murder of 4 Americans? Her competence and judgement should certainly be called in to question and there should be some harsher penalty when negligence results in the loss of lives.

  • amazingoly

    Boxer needed help from Obama and others to get 6 more years. She has accomplished a little more than nothing in the Senate.

  • Pad Dar

    He should run with Trey Gowdy