Full list of guns banned by Diane Feinstein

feinsteinWith over 150 guns proposed to be banned by San Francisco Marxist Diane Feinstein gun grab law, Feinstein claims any gun with over 10 rounds per clip or magazine is a ‘dangerous military-style assault weapons.’ Here is a complete, full list of Feinstein’s gun ban list, it’s a whopper:

Full list of guns banned by Diane Feinstein

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  • Joel Goodman

    I believe the senator left out the infamous Italian Carcano Bolt action rifle, which supposedly killed JFK. Somehow this otherwise slow reloading rifle must have been made to fire semi-automatically in order to accomplish the miraculous feat of getting off accurately three rounds in as many seconds. And, since it killed JFK it should be banned. in case, god help us, some other “purported lunatic” wants to try another assassination, merely as a copycat crime.

  • Vance

    sound like WAR well you started it wench.

    • Noneya

      War it is. fiendswine, schumer, lautenberg, mccarthy, delauro (none of whom deserve the respect capitalizing their names might imply) and every other traitor in Congress and the Senate have declared war on the American people. They need to reap the whirlwind.