Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin – Second Amendment isn’t ‘an issue of Constitution’

dick-durbinYep, this is how crazed leftists think. As the Democrats continue their gun grab crusade, they continue to reveal their true motives and disdain for the Constitution. Durbin’s words today were:

“This isn’t an issue of simply Constitution, it’s an issue of conscious” -

Actually, DICK, the Second Amendment IS ‘an issue of Constitution.’ What’s next? Are Democrats going to say ‘what difference does it make’ when limiting our constitutional rights?

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  • amazingoly

    This very unpopular Illinois senator, who is a brown noser to Reid, needs either to retire or be removed from his perch. Not liked in Illinois – only in Chicago.

  • Michael Chavez

    Durbin doesn’t know DICK about the Constitution and what his oath of office is. He is a perfect example of what is wrong with our government.

  • A M

    This *sshole has about as much respect for the 2nd Amendment as he has for the oath he took to uphold it… LOSER!

  • Netizen Kane

    If the Representing Senator from Illinois is committing Treason by attempting to overthrow the Constitution, then why should be not hold the people of Illinois accountable as well?

  • Keith

    Impeach, Impeach, Impeach Dick Durbin. These legislatures took and oath to uphold and defend the constitution and now they are turning their backs on it. This is a treasonous offense. After Impeachment, put him against the wall!