Federal appeals court rules Obama violated Constitution on recess appointments – could invalidate hundreds of board decisions

obama-faceA Democrat, or Obama violating the Constitution? Wow, I never saw that coming . A federal court of appeals today ruled unanimously that Obama violated the Constitution with his not so ‘recess’ appointments, and now hundreds of Obama board decisions could be null and void because any decisions made by anyone appointed unconstitutionally is null and void.

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that President Obama violated the Constitution when he sidestepped the Senate to fill open spots on a labor relations panel, in a major setback for the president.
The suit had been brought by a local business in Washington state challenging the National Labor Relations Board. Supported by dozens of Senate Republicans, the case argued the president didn’t have the power to make three appointments to the NLRB.


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  • joetote

    What, the so called “Constitutional Law Professor” that inhabits the
    White House had his actions held as Unconstitutional? How can this be.
    Isn’t he the most brilliant man ever to be President? Doesn’t he know
    more about constitutional law than let’s say someone like that know
    nothing Robert Bork? I’m shocked, literally shocked that a Federal Court
    would in fact overrule His Royal Majesty! Or am I missing something

    Seriously, it’s about damned time this guy’s feet were pulled out
    from under him. His open disdain for the constitution is evident! At
    last, he is reminded (for the moment) that even the President is not
    above the law of the land! Sad part is, does anyone think he gives a
    flying f… as to the law of the land as it pertains to him?

    Mark Levin and so many others stated from the onset that this was in
    fact the case and for once, a court upheld the law for a change.

  • amazingoly

    Bout time he got spanked. More defeats coming his way soon.