CBS features Georgetown Law professor Louis Michael Seidman ‘Lets give up on the Constitution’ (Video)

cbsThese leftist propaganda media outfits don’t even hide it anymore. It’s no secret that leftists hate the U.S. Contituion, almost as much as they hate this country. Now, they don’t even hide it anymore, and neither do their messengers in the corrupt media. CBS actually featured Georgetown Law professor Louis Michael Seidman who began with: ‘Lets give up on the Constitution.’

Georgetown Law must be quite the bastion of ‘independent thought.’ Sandra Fluke and Louis Michael Seidman.

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  • welldoneson

    Good Lord. What an azz whole. Comparing the Indonesian Moslem to the founders. We need to give up on stupid leftist propaganda. Don’t forget, we’ll all be dead one

  • YRofTexas

    Taking down the US = taking down the entire world economy = chaos = “rescuers” such as the radical left = imprisonment for all free thinkers.