Cost to taxpayers for Obama’s amnesty propaganda speech in Las Vegas tomorrow – over $1.6 million – 2 hours and 35 minutes spent in town

king-putz1Today saw RINO Republicans (including Marco Rubio) automatically assuming they would win the Latino vote by caving on amnesty. The fact that McCain, Rubio, Graham and Jeff Flake are working with far left hacks like Chucky Schumer, Dick Durbin, Bob Menendez and Michael Bennet should be a sign that this is stupid. Regardless, Obama doesn’t want to lose the spotlight to these corrupt Senators. Tomorrow Obama is popping off to Las Vegas (a place where he told people not to go) to give a propaganda speech on amnesty. Right after that, he’s going to hop right back aboard Air Force One and head back to Washington DC. The round trip time from DC to Las Vegas is 9 hours in the air. To us taxpayers, it’s a minimum of $1.6 million tax dollars wasted for useless propaganda. The cost to operate Air Force One is $182,000 per hour in flight. Add in Obama’s security costs and you are looking at close to $2 million in tax dollars just burned up. Oh, and for the so green wackos, this quite a carbon footprint too. Obama will spew his propaganda at Del Sol high school. He will be in Las Vegas for a total of 2 hours and 35 minutes.


11:25AM THE PRESIDENT arrives Las Vegas, Nevada

McCarran International Airport

Open Press

11:55AM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on the need to fix the broken immigration system so that it is fairer for and helps grow the middle class by ensuring everyone plays by the same rules

Del Sol High School

Open to Pre-Credentialed Media

2:00PM THE PRESIDENT departs Las Vegas, Nevada

McCarran International Airport

Open Press

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  • amazingoly

    More wasted taxpayer money on this photo op. Should have done his little speech from the White House, saving precious tax money. He simply does not care and that is our problem.

    • No Way

      Looks like nobody up there cares about anything but self-promoting BS. I think the solution for this is obvious….