Yo quiero amnesty! RINO Republicans (McCain, Gramnesty, etc) and Marxist Democrats including pervert Bob Menendez announce plan for amnesty

mexcainAnd the Republicans cave just as expected. Chucky Schumer was so excited to another an amnesty plan that will give citizenship to millions of illegals, while making those who came her legally suffer the consequences. Think the job market is tough now? Wait until the these illegal because ‘citizens’ and try to fill the fewer and fewer jobs available. The RINO Republicans include: McCain, Gramnesty, Marco Rubio and a Flake from Arizona. Who knows, maybe Bob Menendez is excited that he can grant asylum to Dominican hookers.

The old coot McCain keeps refering to illegals as ‘dreamers.’ Uh Juan McCain, they are illegals, not ‘dreamers!’ Enough of this BS with the changing of words.

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