Piers Morgan brags on twitter about an interview with grieving Sandy Hook father Neil Heslin who wasn’t heckled by pro gun supporters

cnn-obama-logoSo this is what CNN is becoming under Jeff Zucker? A mini-MSNBC that instead of reporting news with a leftwing bias, it reports lies and claims it to be news? As if Anderson Cooper tweeting and deleting about about  grieving Sandy Hook father Neil Heslin  being ‘heckled’ by pro-gun advocates wasn’t bad enough, the worthless Brit Piers Morgan did the same. Except he hasn’t deleted his tweet. He’s still running with the lie.

What is sick is left wing media hacks like Morgan and Anderson Cooper using victims familes lilke Neil Heslin to spread their lies and to try and smear those who 2nd Amendment laws.

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  • Jennifer

    Wow, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being. You may not believe that Neil was heckled, but many people do. They are not spreading lies, they are stating their beliefs. I live in Newtown, and I know Neil. My personal feeling is that he asked a question, and was answered with “Second Amendment shall not be infringed”. Which is not an answer, but in my opinion is also not heckling. Clearly you share my belief that those that responded were not heckling, but others are entitled to their opinion about what happened. Let’s talk about lies, shall we? How about the lie that the government is coming to take everyone’s guns, and citizens need ‘modern sporting rifles’ to defend themselves against this inevitability? How about the lie that everyone that supports stricter laws to address gun violence is trying to repeal the Second Amendment? How about the lie that President Obama is a tyrant? If any of this were true, the government would have already taken everyone’s guns, the Second Amendment would have been repealed, and any dissenting voices would have been silenced. You and others like you are just pawns of the gun lobby, which is using its incendiary, deceptive rhetoric to compel its supporters to do its dirty work for it. Why? Because if they told the truth, gun owners would no longer support them. The vast majority of gun owners support universal background checks, and the majority of Americans support stricter laws to prevent gun violence. None of the proposed measures will violate the rights of gun owners. None. But the gun lobby, and gun manufacturers, care only about the bottom line. They have made that clear time, and time again. Wake up, grow up, learn the FACTS, and make an effort to engage in an adult conversation. Right now you are no better than a bully on a playground.