Sandy Hook victim father Neil Heslin video of NOT being heckled – deceptively edited by MSNBC

martin-bashirThis is really disgusting, but yet again proves just how corrupt the media is, and how the left wing progressive liberal Democrats will NEVER let a crisis go to waste. Today it was Neil Heslin, who’s son Jesse was a victim at the Sandy Hook shooting. Corrupt media leftists tried to deceptively edit a video and make it appear that Neil Heslin was being heckled by gun advocates. Again, it was MSNBC he’s famous for deceptively editing of videos with George Zimmerman. Below is the full, emotional testimony of Neil Heslin:

and here is MSNBC’s deceptively edit of Heslin supposedly being ‘heckled.’

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As you can see, he was not heckled, but the left wing media tried to make it appear so. Amazing how you don’t hear about Code Pink hecklers going after families of dead soldiers.

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