Vietnam traitor John Kerry confirmed by Senate to replace ‘what difference does it make’ Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State

john-kerryAs if there was any doubt. Vietnam traitor John Kerry has been confirmed by the Senate to replace ‘what difference does it make’ Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Basically you go from one repulsive individual to another with the swap of Clinton for Kerry. John Kerry is an ‘evil’ rich guy who is worth more money than Mitt Romney, mostly because his owns owns the ketchup company known as Heinz. John Kerry also has ‘investments’ in companies that violate the sanctions and do business with Iran. Want some more good news about Kerry’s confirmation? Corrupt Barney Frank wants to ‘serve’ as Kerry’s replacement until a special election is held to fill Kerry’s seat. Oh, and John Kerry is also a big apologist for Bashar al-Assad. 94 Senators actually voted in favor of Kerry. What a disgrace. Even John McCain who was trashed by Kerry in 1971 voted for him. Only three Republicans voted against Kerry: Ted Cruz, John Cornyn and James Inholf. Kerry himself pulled an Obama and voted present.
The John Kerry Wall of Shame:

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