Chicago – 42 shot dead in first 30 days of 2013 – leftist loon & daughter of Hugh Hefner, Christie on MSNBC blames global warming (Video)

chicago_sucksSo far in the first 30 days of 2013, there have been 42 people shot dead in Rahmville, with the toughest gun laws in the country next to New York. As usual, the leftists don’t get that gun laws don’t work, as gangbangers and criminals will find ways to obtain the weapons they need to kill the people they intend to do so. But wait, we have a no excuse for Chicago’s high murder rate. It’s global warming! George Soros monkey Christie Hefner from the Center for American Progress appeared on the Morning Slow program to call Global Warming the culprit for Chicago’s high murder rates. Christie Hefner is also the daughter of Hugh Hefner, as the founder and CEO of Playboy Enterprises.

Maybe if all those leftist basement dwellars didn’t slap it to playboy, global warming wouldn’t exist.

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