More media lies! Claims of Gabby Giffords’s handwritten hotes for testimony to Senate Judiciary Committee was done by her therapist

cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosThe media had another crockdile tear moment today,. On the heals of yesterday’s lie the media spread about a father of a Sandy Hook shooting victim being ‘heckled’ thoroughly debunked, the media was at it again today with more BS. Gabby Giffords testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on gun control with her husband. She had some handwritten notes she was reading off of. The media started their drama claiming that the handwritten notes were done by Giffords herself, which would have been and amazing step in her recovery. But yet again the media spreads lies as propaganda, as those hand written notes were actually written by Gifford’s therapist, not Gabby Giffords herself.

Pretty pathetic that not only does Obama, the Democrats and the media use children for propaganda, but they use Gabby Giffords as well.

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