Muslim Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison uses Newtown shooting to whine about ‘complete Second Amendment absolutism’

keith-ellisonWe are a month and a half since the Newtown shooting and Democrats are STILL playing politics with the Newtown shooting. NBC/MSNBC deceptively edits videos to try and drive home their anti-gun rights view points, and now Muslim Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison whines and questions on Twitter if the ‘slaying of 20 kids in Newtown’ is an acceptable price to pay for upholding ‘complete Second Amendment absolutism?’

So now the Newtown shooting by some whack job who stole his mother’s legal guns is somehow related to Second Amendment rights. Minnesota, you should be proud. Walter Mondale, Jesse Ventura, Keith Ellison and Al Franken.

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  • amazingoly

    Amazed that he got re-elected in Minnesota. Obama too.

  • SettingAside

    Ellison’s exploitation of the slaying of children, to take away our 2nd Amendment, is similar to Obama’s. It’s ghoulish.

  • Unbelievable

    He is an idiot! I just saw him on Hannity and he was a complete jerk!! I had no idea who he was before he was on there but he was the most disrespectful senator that I have ever seen. I can’t believe he is an American Senator. Then again if I really think about it maybe I can!!