New Jersey Democrat slime Bob Menendez admits to flying on plane to Dominican Republic – Set to take over ‘Foreign Relations Committee’

bob-menendez-democratSo, Bob Menendez is halfway there by admitting to flying on Salomon Melgen’s private plane to the Dominican Republic. But he hasn’t admitted to the reports that he banged some 16 year old hookers, which is a violation of US law. In this country, it doesn’t matter where you act like a pedophile, even if it’s legal there, it’s still a violation of U.S. law. If Bob Menendez is ever proven to have banged the 16 year old hookers, then we’ll see if he suffers the consequences like any regular American would. Right now, he is innocent until proven guilty. The ironic thing about Bob Menendez is that now that John Genghis Kerry has been confirmed as Secretary of State, Menendez will take over has head of the Senate  ‘Foreign Relations Committee.’ How’s that for irony?

Either Menendez will turn out to be 2013’s version of Anthony Weiner, or not.

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