Thank God it’s not Barney Frank! Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick appoints former chief of staff Mo Cowan to fill Genghis Kerry’s vacated Senate seat

barney-frank-crookLooks like the Democrats didn’t want to have the Republicans having the only black senator, so Deval Patrick is appointing his former chief of staff Mo Cowan to fill Genghis Kerry’s vacated Senate seat. I don’t know anything about Cowan, since he was Patrick’s former chief of staff I’ll assume he’s a far left nut job like the rest of the Democrats from that state. The only good news here is that Barney Frank, who wanted to ‘fill Kerry’s seat’ wouldn’t get the job, and now he can finally fade away to his prostitution ring.

As a former top adviser to Democratic Gov. Patrick, I think we can expect interim Sen. Cowan to generally hold the Democratic line in the Senate — but whether or not that seat will remain in Democratic hands is very much up in the air. Scott Brown has yet to publicly decide on whether he’ll wait for the Massachusetts gubernatorial race in 2014, or if he’ll once more enter into a special Senate election; it wouldn’t be his first rodeo, and early polling suggests he’d have a solid advantage going into it.

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