Anti-Semite Huffington Post writer MJ Rosenberg ‘talked about Israel with Hagel, happily he’s lying today’

democrat-logoMJ Rosenberg is about is such an anti-Semite that he makes Chuck Hagel look like a friend of Israel. Rosenberg, who was once the Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network is now a writer for AOL’s Huffington Post. I don’t know if Rosenberg is an atheist, a self hating jew, or whatever. But today he gleefully tweeted about meeting with Chuck Hagel, he admitted that he was happy that Chuck Hagel was lying today during his testimony.

Rosenberg went on his usual anti-Semitic tirade after being calling out for admitting that Hagel is lying. Twitchy has a list of this nut-bag’s tweets. Huffington Post should be ‘proud’ of their ‘talent.’

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