Pat Buchanan compares Chuck Hagel to Reagan, claims he’s patriot because he’s from Nebraska! (Video)

chuck-hagelFor some odd reason, Hannity decided to have Pat Buchanan on, along with El Polo Bill Richardson to discuss today’s disastrous and laughable testimony by anti-Semite Chuck Hagel.  It almost seemed like Pat Buchanan and Bill Richardson where using the same Obama talking points, talking about how much of a ‘patriot’ Chuck Hagel is. Buchanan even compared Chuck Hagel to Ronald Reagan at one point in the ‘debate.’ Oh, and another reason why Hagel is so ‘cool’ according to Pat Buchanan is because he’s from Nebraska! So let’s review. According to Buchanan, Chuck Hagel is like Ronald Reagan and he should be confirmed as Secretary of Defense because he’s from Nebraska. I don’t think Richardson had as much slobber dripping down his mouth as Buchanan did after this Hannity ‘debate.’ If Chuck Hagel doesn’t get confirmed by the Senate (and I think the RINO squishes will cave on confirm him), Pat Buchanan would be a great alternate choice for Obama.

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