Best Super Bowl ad? Paul Harvey ‘God Made A Farmer’ Dodge Ram commercial (Video) – leftist go crazy on Twitter

democrat-logoFirst, the ad with the voice of Paul Harvey. ‘God Made a Farmer’ Dodge Ram commercial. Some think this was the best commerical of Super Bowl 47. You can judge for yourself.

Democrats, leftists, progressive/liberals hate God as we know. So this Paul Harvey ‘God Made a Farmer’ sent them into a tailspin on Twitter. Remember, these are some of the same people who booed God at the start of the DNC convention last year. Warning: contains profanity.

As if these idiots were ever going to by a Dodge anyway. I don’t think their parents could afford one with them living in their basements, popping shoulder zits and all.

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  • CasualMeyhem

    Did I ever mention it takes just as much faith to be an athiest as it takes to be a zealot. Can’t DISPROVE god either.

    Hey, thanks for leaving your chain out where I can yank on it though…

    • CasualMeyhem_Is_a_Moron

      The only thing you yank is your dick in your parent’s basement your libtard loser. You atheist nuts are the zealots. Freaking out over thinks like Merry Christmas.

  • Logic

    So suddenly Atheists are Liberals? I know a few atheist republicans as well, so lets just fix the title of the article to proplerly place blame where it’s due: a non-political movement that doesn’t beleive in God.

    • Unlogical

      Look at their Twitter profiles you idiot. They specifically call themselves liberals. I know, it’s hard for you smart prorgressives to read.

  • Nick

    Dodge is dead to me….How dare they try to play the God card. And for all those who believe in the imaginary man upstairs, stop wasting your time. There are constant, daily reminders that no god exists! Newtown massacre is clear evidence of that!

    • Engr_n_TN

      It doesn’t disprove God, it only verifies evil.

      • maybetoday777

        which proves God. Since God is the creator of both good and evil. God is NOT a pervert or imbalanced being. To be complete then He is love and a consuming fire. Furthermore, what kind of moron blames Newton on God? Then again, the Book says “they hated me without a cause.” Nick is the kind of person who doesn’t want God in the schools (except his phony false god of science and evolution which did NOTHING for Newton). Nick has kicked God out of the schools but when killings happen he says “where is God? How dumb can one be? If your internet cable went out and you called the cable company and they said ok we will send a repair guy out and then you dont let the repair in your house, then how can you call back to the cable company and complain that it isn’t working still when YOU kicked the repair crew out? Easy; because Nick is insane, sin is madness and Nick loves sin.

    • J-Mac

      Nick, the Newtown massacre actually proves that God does exist. Newtown was blatant evil on full display. For evil to be recognized as evil, we must also recognize good. In fact, evil is the bastardization of good. Good can exist perfectly well on it’s own, but evil, being the bastardization of good, must have good to bastardize. God is good, but we are not. We bastardize His holiness and righteousness daily, and then blame Him for the result. Newtown isn’t God’s fault, it’s ours.

    • sallyforth

      well then by your thought process, Earth should be nirvana, with nothing bad happening, ever. can’t imagine why there is a heaven eh? I believe those massacred in Newtown are at the right hand of God as I type, eternal bliss. I certainly hope they say a pray for you. curious what do you drive? a Probe?

    • UnmitigatedTruth

      A quote attributed to various people, including Einstein states, Just like dark is the absence of light, just like cold is the absence of heat, the same way, EVIL is the absence of GOD.

      God was taken out of our schools, so Evil could gain a foothold.

  • James Rutland

    Lololol!!!! Fuck Dodge, and fuck you. We’re not all libs. They just use common sense, so we tend to side with them.

    • maybetoday777

      yes because your whole emotional rant was common sense-filled?! Cucko0oo0o0oo0o

    • sallyforth

      I think your common sense left you in the dust as you should have stated that’s a bad fucking dodge & I’m a fucking idiot….pls cite some examples of lib common sense, sounds like an oxymoron to me moron.

  • maybetoday777

    In can be proven in 5 seconds flat. But, first why are you questioning the WORDS God said just like Satan did in the garden of Eden? Because you want to be final authority?
    Where did the Universe come from?
    1.) It came from nothing accidentally.
    2.) It came from nothign supernaturally
    3.) It is not here; it is an illusion
    4.) It has always been here
    Three of these choices can be proven false (by scientific demonstration). There is only one logical choice up there. It couldn’t have come about accidentally since you can’t create energy or matter, it can only be transformed (First Law of Thermo). It couldn’t have always been here because it would have turned to mush 35 million years ago (Second Law of Thermo) since everything runs down. And, if you choose #3 then you are ready for the funny farm.
    Then again, the choice was real simple from the beginning, believe Genesis 1:1 or lose your mind. Most have chosen the latter.

  • Menderman

    I like Farmers, and I like God! Great ad Dodge!
    Now you atheist a$$holes have fun screaming at me. Good Day!

  • Linda

    As a person who lives in a farming community, I really appreciated this commercial. God is the One who blesses our country.

  • User345

    Not that I would buy one of their Bailoutmobiles anyway, but I don’t buy vehicles based on their commercials anyway. But, good on whoever made the commercial to praise farmers. These leftist fools should starve to death for their hate.

  • sallyforth

    I only drive Dodge, great styling vs say the “cube”, impressive han dling, & that hemi gets the best gas mileage of all 3 I own. I love all things Dodge, esp. their commercials. If any libtards eat, they not only need to realize a farmer is responsible for that, they need to THANK ‘EM. One of the most unappreciated jobs of all. Also they are too young to recognize an American icon, Mopar aside, the “rest of the story”, Mr. Paul Harvey. Thank you Dodge for being PRO AMERICA!

  • Mike Cornelison

    If all the atheists buy Government Motors cars and all those who believe in God buy Dodge, you’ll be shocked at how that whole boycott Dodge idea actually works out for you atheists.

  • Glenda Findley

    Most of these people probably could not afford a Dodge. It’s hard to buy a new truck with food stamps. What a bunch of whiny sissy babies. It’s sickening.

  • Glenda Findley

    Just curious, did you love your parents?

  • CasualMeyhem

    Wow, I just wandered back here and saw this 3/25/13

    The only thing logic can prove is that there is no way to be sure. That’s a win for the agnostics, but not you or me. Logic only works without unknowns, meaning it’s useless here. LOGIC HAS LIMITS. this subject is one of them. That’s what I’m saying.