New Jersey Democrat Rep. Albio Sires blames Cuba for Bob Menendez scandal

democrat-logoSeriously, is that all Democrats ever do is always blame someone else and never take actions for their own missteps? The scandal plauging New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez isn’t going away anytime soon, no matter how much he and other Democrats wish. It’s still not known if Menendez slept with under-aged prostitutes, but if he did, he could face at least 30 years in jail. New Jersey Democrat Rep. Albio Sires has a new conspiracy theory explaining why this scandal is out there. It’s because Cuba it out to damage Bob Menendez or something.

“I won’t even be surprised if somehow the Cuban government is involved in this to try to damage Bob Menendez because he’s been so steadfast against the Castro government. He’s been a critic all his political life,” Sires said in a phone interview. “I would not be surprised if they are behind some of this stuff, some of these allegations. The Dominican Republic has a lot of relationships with Cuba.”

Umm. Yea. I’m sure Cuba is really terrified of Bob Menendez. They are so scared of them they set up this prostitution scandal. Maybe Fidel is worried that Menendez is trying to go more left than him.

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