Scott Pelley breaks out the kneepads for Obama Super Bowl interview, asks about NFL safety, says women can do more in the military than men (Video)

cbsWhen Bill O’Reilly tossed softballs to Obama during his Super Bowl interview with him in 2011, it was frustrating to watch. This interview between CBS’ Scott Pelley interviewed Obama before this year’s Super Bowl, you can tell that Pelley had his kneepads on, and had plenty of brown on his nose when the interview was conducted. Such important topics like gays in the Boy Scouts, NFL Safety were covered. Pelley also discussed taxes with Obama, but like a typical corrupt media hack, mentioned the tax hikes on the so called rich, but failed to mention the tax hikes on the 77% of Americans. When the topic of women in combat came up, Obama declared that women can do more in the military than men. So does this make Obama a sexist?

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