‘Conservative’ Bernie Goldberg – If Robert Menendez was doing adult prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, I have no interest unless he was ‘spouting from the bible’ (Video)

fox-news-logoLets get something straight. We still don’t know if New Jersey Democrat Senator Robert Menendez was involved in banging Dominican Republican hookers or not. It’s quite possible (however likely) that Menendez just hopped aboard the private jet and partied without doing hookers. Time will tell if Menendez banged hookers underage or otherwise. But if Menendez was in fact doing hookers over there (of the legal age in this country) Fox News ‘conservative’ Bernie Goldberg doesn’t care one way or another. You see, according to Goldberg, unless he was ‘spouting from the bible’ he doesn’t care if a sitting U.S. Senator was doing prostitutes. Bernie Goldberg obviously is one of those Karl Rove establishment cocktail circuit ‘conservatives’ who never misses a chance to bash the tea party with his pal Bill O’Reilly. Despite Goldberg’s ‘logic,’ people should care if their elected officials are paying for sex in this country or someone else. So called ‘Culture Warrior’ Bill O’Reilly didn’t seem to mind either. Someone needs to tell both Goldberg and O’Reilly that elected officials like Bob Menendez work for us, we don’t work for them while they go paying for sex (if Menendez did so.)

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