Did Obama’s pick for Chief of Staff Jack Lew violate federal law?

jack-lew-treasuryNo wonder Obama’s picked Jack Lew for Chief of Staff. Obama’s lawless administration need’s a new member and Jack Lew is a perfect fit for Chief of State as it’s reported he violated federal laws. With the spineless Republicans in the Senate, and the corrupt Democrats, that should only enhance Lew’s chances of being confirmed.

Treasury secretary nominee Jack Lew is coming under fire from Senate Republicans who question whether he violated federal law by declining to respond to dire warnings from the group that oversees Medicare.
Eight Senate Republicans voiced their complaints in a letter Monday to the White House budget office, which Lew ran before being promoted to President Obama’s chief of staff. The criticism comes as the president’s most controversial Cabinet nominees line up for confirmation hearings before Congress.

Yes, only 8 of the 45 Republicans complained about Lew’s possible federal law violation.

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