Hannity lets ‘Brother Rove’ spew his anti tea-party BS (Video)

karl-roveSean Hannity is no Mark Levin. Hannity is nothing more than a GOP cheerleader who will suck up to any Republican to get an interview, and invited to DC area parties. Take for instance John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Hannity always sucks up to them when he invites them to come on his radio and TV show. Tonight Hannity allowed ‘Brother’ Karl Rove spew his anti Tea-Party crap as Rove tried to wiggle out of reports of his war on the tea party. What’s next for Hannity? Is he going to invite ‘No Labels’ Jon Huntsman on next? When Fox originally dumped Rove after his on-air meltdown during the election last November, I thought maybe they were going in the right direction. Since then, not only have they resigned Rove, but they’ve also brought in nut job Dennis Kucinich.

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