Hollywood D-lister Chris Rock – we need to listen to ‘our boss Obama’ on mommy Michelle on gun control (Video)

dumb-hussein-obama1It’ll be a cold day in hell before ANY politician, Democrat, Republican or otherwise is ‘my boss’ or ‘my daddy.’ Today would have been Ronald Reagan’s 102th birthday. He would never be considered my boss or daddy, and neither is some anti-American Marxist like Obama. Oh, Chris Rock also seems to think that Obama is daddy and MIchelle Obama is our mommy. Someone needs to perform a drug test on Chris Rock. Jamie Foxx also claimed Obama is our Lord and Savior. Let me be clear as Obama would say,  WE are the president’s  boss, regardless of party or year. In fact, NO politicians, regardless of position are the boss of us, Chris Rock has it backwards.  No political figure, no matter how admired is any type of ‘Lord and Savior.’

This is getting more and more Hitleresque.

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