Figures! Obama’s pick Department of the Interior, REI CEO Sally Jewell, Received ObamaCARE waiver in 2011

sally-jewell-rei-ceo-department-of-interiorObama finally found a woman to pick from his binder for a cabinet position. Sally Jewell is the perfect Obama pick. The REI CEO is a far left radical, envior-whack job, so she is the perfect fit for the reign. Sally Jewell was also the CEO of some company called REI. Jewell also just so happened to request (and receive) a waiver for Obama in 2011. If that isn’t enough, Sally Jewell was personally invited to the White House by Obama in 2009 to help push ObamaCARE on the American people. Talk about hypocrisy.

Obama held REI up as a model company.

“And then REI, which has to be fit since they’re a fitness company,” Obama joked during the White House meeting on May 12, 2009, “has been doing work that allows them to provide health care coverage, health insurance, not only to their full-time employees but also their part-time employees. Every single employee is covered, but part of the reason they’re able to do it is because they put a big emphasis on prevention and wellness.”

Two years later, Jewell secured an exemption from the law for REI.

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