Twitter suspends account critical of Sen. Bob Menendez @MenendezMustGo for no reason

democrat-logoAs I said before, social media is a great way to get word out on stuff the corrupt media wouldn’t cover. The problem is becoming the demigods of social media beginning to censor. Yesterday, it was Face Book who quickly scrubbed the manifesto of a left wing nut job and killer Chris Dorner. Today, as the scandal involving Democrat Bob Menendez continues to evolve, Twitter decided to do their own censoring and suspended an account (@MenendezMustGo) which would report on developing news on the scandal. Twitter is of course based in San Francisco, owned and operated by leftists. but of course they will do whatever they can to help Democrats involved in major scandals. Twitter spokesman Jim Prosser declined to tell The Daily Caller why the account was suspended. Since news got out of the account being suspended, it magically re-appeared unsuspended as if nothing happened.

“We don’t comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons,” Prosser said via email. “Have you had a chance to read over our Twitter Rules? They detail situations in which accounts may be suspended.”

Prosser also did not respond to a follow-up email asking which of Twitter’s many rules the account holder violated.

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