Would Chris Christie appoint a Democrat instead of a Republican to fill Senate seat if Bob Menendez is ousted?

fat_bastard_chris_christiePeople are widely assuming that if New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez is forced to resign or is ousted from his Senate seat with the scandal continuing to evolve that Chris Christie would appoint a Republican to fill the seat. But would he? Chris Christie is a liberal Northeastern ‘Republican.’ He is also up for re-election as Governor later this year. Would Chrstie risk pissing off people in his state by appointing a Republican to replace a Democrat in the Senate? Mike Flynn thinks not, and that Christie would appoint a Democrat. I tend to agree with Flynn.

Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, could appoint a caretaker to occupy the seat until the election is held or he could appoint someone who would go on to run for that seat. The successor appointed by Christie could be from any party, in spite of the fact that Menendez is a Democrat. Since Christie is up for reelection this year, it is unlikely he would take the provocative step of appointing a Republican to fill the seat.

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