Christopher Dorner Is now a target for Obama’s Drones on American soil

king-putz1Wait a second. Isn’t it against the law to target American civilians with drones in the United States? In Obama’s America, it’s not. Christopher Dorner is now a target of Obama’s drones. Dorner should have thought that Obama praising manifesto think over. As usual, the American media is silent on Obama’s drone attacks. It takes a UK media outlet called ‘The Express’ to break the news that Christopher Dorne is now officially a target of Obama’s drones, IN AMERICA. Welcome to ObamaVille.

While I’d like to see Dorner’s head on a stick if the ‘allegations’ of his three murders are true, I don’t want drones that are used in Muslim countries to kill terrorists to hunt down American citizens. Be proud Chris Dorner. The man you support so much is targeting you like a Muslim terrorist somewhere in Pakistan! Christipher Dorner could become the the first American ever shot down with drones on American soil.

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