Chuck Hagel misleads Senate on speech recordings – 2008 speech to chuckly audience shows he’s more concerned about an Israel attack than Iran and it’s allies (Watch)

chuck-hagel-jew-haterWow, I’m shocked I tell you! SHOCKED! Chuck Hagel lied to Senators on January 31st when Hagel told them that he could not provide records or video for more than four of the “hundreds” of speeches he had given over the previous five years because they had not been transcribed or recorded. Well here’s one that Hagel ‘couldn’t provide.’ He speaks to an adoring, laughing audience expressing his concern that Israel may have to nerve to defend themselves and attack Iran 2008. According to Hagel, this would make the middle east ‘completely unravel’ if Israel did that. Basically Hagel mocks the idea of attacking Iran and protecting Israel.

You 69% of Jews who voted for Obama should feel really good about yourself.

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